About Us

Company Maktrans is a network of transmission workshops in Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia. We specialize exclusively in repairing automatic transmissions (DSG, CVT, classic hydraulic transmissions).

With over 25 years of experience, we can swiftly and efficiently handle repairs of any complexity.


What we do:


  • Full overhaul of automatic transmissions
  • Valve body repair
  • Solenoid repair
  • Torque converter repair
  • Transmission housing repair
  • Pump repair
  • DSG and PowerShift clutch repairs
  • Transfer case repair
  • Repair and reprogramming of electronic control units


Additionally, we sell spare parts for transmission repair and maintenance, both products from popular brands and parts/tools of our own production.

With our own equipment, we manufacture products such as:


  • Oversized valves for valve bodies and reamers for them
  • Steel plates
  • Separator plates
  • Various gaskets and seals
  • Tools for solenoid repair
  • Devices for dismantling and assembling transmission units
  • And many more